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May 20, 2022

Reviving the Beauty of Rugs Through Rug Cleaning

By Emily Fridlund

The beauty of a room is brought out through its interiors, which give it meaning and attire. One such object that simply gives an overall look to a room and can be considered a part of interiors, is a rug. A rug is a covering or a wrap used as a surface for protection and warmth that enhances a space by giving it a cosy atmosphere. People often use it as a floor covering or even as a blanket.


Rugs nowadays are available in a vast variety, textures, and colours. Ranging from fluff hand-woven rugs to expensive Moroccan rugs, Malabar rugs, etc, they have a market of their own and have their own unique ways to be handled, depending on the material they are made with. Some may be made with wool, while others might be made with another animal’s skin/fur, jute, etc. Each type has unique durability and life span, also depending on its use.

Why is Rug Cleaning in Portland beneficial?

Even though rugs may differ in variety, they all need to be cleaned once in a while, some, even frequently. And this is when people usually fear cleaning or giving their rug for cleaning because they are worried about losing its originality. But experienced rug cleaning services, alongside just cleaning rugs, perform the following other works too-

  • Oriental rug repair and restoration
  • Fringe end tassels rug repair to make it look new or match an existing fringe
  • Area rug alteration resizing to make it custom fit your space
  • Repairing rug holes, fraying, and missing pile

They’ll ensure that experienced professionals study and understand your rug to know exactly what is to be done to restore it and make it look just as original and new.

Rug repair & restoration is an art and skill, and gettingĀ rug cleaning portland done will equip you with well-executed rug repair so that the beauty, value, and use of your rug, are restored. This way, you will not end up losing its antiquity or sentimental value, and will get your rug revived to its original magnificence.