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January 11, 2023

What are the advantages of a screened-in patio?

By Emily Fridlund

In recent years, screened-in patios have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, particularly in regions that experience milder climes. It is not hard to see why this is the case. Screened-in patios or decks provide homeowners with the opportunity to take advantage of pleasant weather, increase the amount of high-quality living space available in their homes, and greatly boost the value of their properties. screened in patio in Greenville, SC are continuously growing in popularity.

To put it another way, patio screening entails placing a screen enclosure onto your already-existing patio and encircling the underutilized outside space of your house in order to convert it into a high-quality additional living space. Homeowners who invest in a screen enclosure may continue to bask in the good vibes of the great outdoors while also benefiting from an added layer of defense from the harmful effects of the sun and other pesky insects.

  1. An Increase in the Value of the Home

Screened-in patios and decks nevertheless add a significant amount of value to a property, despite the fact that the total square footage of a house does not normally include these areas. This is mostly attributable to the fact that they augment a home’s livable area while also incorporating a characteristic that is in great demand.

  1. Healthier Lifestyle

Whether it’s the rise in the number of jobs that can be done remotely or the convenience brought about by services such as Netflix and food delivery apps, many individuals are finding that their lives have shifted in a way that enables them to spend an increasing amount of time at home. Even while this new world has a lot of positive aspects, the fact that we have to spend all day indoors is not the ideal thing. Because of this, screened-in patios provide the advantages of both open and enclosed spaces. A screened-in patio provides homeowners with an outside place where they can take in the sunshine and fresh air, which improves their health, energy levels, and creativity while yet enabling them to remain in the convenience of their own house.

  1. A Place for Amusement and Recreation for Guests

Decks and patios that are enclosed by screens are another excellent choice for those who like spending time with others, since they provide the ideal setting in which to host get-togethers and chat with visitors. Ideas for entertaining guests on screened-in pates include a television area for watching major sports events, a place for hosting dinner parties, or an outside drinking area that is free of mosquitoes totally.