October 16, 2022

Direct mail-in Barrie, ON for exclusive printing services

By Emily Fridlund

Direct mail refers to posting mail consisting of a piece of information about our business and delivered through postal services. Though emails satisfy the deed, as we move forward with time, the old-school methods seem more eye-catching than the current methods. In recent years, medieval things such as postcards are considered vintage. They are aesthetically pleasing and intrigue the public. direct mail in Barrie, ON allows us exceptional mail printing services for enhancing the advertising of our business.

Direct mail its history and effect on current trends:

Direct mail has been around since 1892. Though history mentions that the idea for the means of advertising through paper was from 1000 BC. The story goes down as an Egyptian landowner advertised using a piece of papyrus who offered a sum of gold to the person who would find him his runaway slave.

Today, direct mail has much more significance as old trends resurface. Postcards addressed separately hold more significance than an email that is forwarded to a large sum of people at the same time. They are much more personal and retain the high emotional value of the sender to the receiver.

custom yard signs How can we use direct mail?

Direct mail can be used for various purposes. We can use it for personal invites, advertising pamphlets, thank you and welcome notes, etc. These days businesses send out gift hampers with personalized thank-you notes to their loyal clients. This leaves a great impression on the public and gains attention improving our sales. Direct mail-in Barrie, ON offers us personalized printing options. They are entirely cost-effective with better market prices. We can also print advertisements for campaigns, programs, sales discounts, and offers and have them posted to the local public.

Why direct mail?

An email can go unnoticed but direct mail will not. Today, email is used as a marketing source by various companies and apps. Most of them end up being deleted even before opening them. They are referred to as junk mail. However, with direct mail, there’s a 90% chance the mail will be opened and noticed by the receiver.